A cup of sugar and time

Back in those mythical good old days people made things in their own kitchen and when pressed felt they could go next door to get a missing ingredient. Like a cup of sugar or a couple of eggs. It seemed lovely, which it was. But today most of us don’t bake, we don’t have sugar at least in granular form and we don’t have time to find someone on our block.

The holidays, the winter season and the new year approaches. A season of stress. We may not have freshly baking aromas around our house to calm our nerves. We may need to take a more 21st century approach, based on science.

Our local non-profit SAFE Refuge offered a community wide workshop for professionals on suicide prevention a couple of weeks ago. It was well done. The speaker from Didi Hirsch outline the compounding stresses that can lead people to terrible conclusions. Let’s re-think; let’s see other points of view; and let’s reduce our reaction to stressors one at a time. Here is a piece from NY Time that helps explain patience.