A Few Good Men

Power 4 Youth is our lifeline to the future. The group mentors youth through the precarious time called ‘teenage years’. It may have been smooth sailing for you but more many it was tortuous. There are young male students who’ve have come forward for mentoring but there are not enough empathetic men to pair them with. Might that be you? Please reach out, get trained and spend 1.5 hours a week and make the future happen. You’ll be glad you did!

——Letter from Power 4 Youth ———

Power 4 Youth is a one-on-one mentoring program for middle & high school age students. Mentors meet with their mentee, one-on-one, at a Power 4 Youth site, assisting with academics while building a caring, consistent relationship. Please visit our website www.power4youth.org to learn more about us.

As of now we are in dire need of male mentors. Please help us find volunteers who can invest 1½ hours of their week to mentor a teenage student. Free training and support is provided for all mentors throughout the year.

Mentoring provides youth facing adversity with someone who cares about them, shows them that they are valued and assures them they can achieve their highest potential. Currently, we have a long wait-list of male-students who are seeking leadership, support and guidance in their lives. These young students need and deserve a mentor, a role model with a story and experience to lead them to success.

Please refer someone who you know & believe can make a great mentor. I have attached a poster for you to share in your social media, if possible.

To find out more about being a mentor or to send a referral, please call 562-443-2902 or email me at samana@power4youth.org