After the ads and Leaflets!

Election Day (or Season!) is one cog in the wheel. Staying tuned in tune so you know who and what you’ll vote for next time is like ‘continuing education’. So here is a simple link to City governance. The city posts Council and Commission meetings at this site. Here is the site. At this site you can see what is on the agenda. You can ALWAYS attend and SPEAK at these meetings. It’s called public comment. It really is worth knowing about.

For example, the Cultural Heritage Commission that reviews major Certificate of Appropriateness applications for historic districts – read most of Rose Park (Rose Park and Rose Park South Historic Districts) has been changed to last Tuesday of every month. For those contemplating a submission it is really worthwhile to check this out before you submit your application (just sayin’).

And for Council there is ALWAYS the opportunity to see it live streaming at LBTV!!!