Aid to Rose Park

Our Rose Park – which gets a ton of use – will get some additional TLC this summer/drought season. Here is an update plan from Parks and Rec. In time for our annual Sunday in the Park, July 22nd!

Here is the update via Councilmember Pearce’s weekly e-letter.

Parks, Recreation, and Marine Drought

In recent weeks we have been getting phone calls about browning at some of our parks. This is due to our area returning to extreme drought conditions. Simply put, we did not receive enough rain to help us water all of our parks the way we would like to see.

We are excited to say that the city has identified $800,000 in department savings to invest in additional water cycles for our high use park areas such as Bixby Park and Rose Park.

Every year that I have been on council, we have increased funds for our parks and I am excited to see that progress. You will see more greening of our parks in the coming weeks and my expectation is that our parks will remain green, and our trees will get the water they need to thrive.

I should say though that we all need to pitch in as a city to help maintain our water supply, and not just for the parks. We are in the midst of a drought, so that means washing dishes and clothes off peak hours, shorter showers, and maybe a little extra time in between car washes. For more tips on how to conserve water, visit the Water Department’s website, here.