All the best!

Time passes. Best done with good relations and relationships! The Rose Park Neighborhood Association works to connect neighbors to each other, residents to services and programs, adjacent neighborhoods to us and vice versa, the city to our area and needs and connections to broader but important issues such as the environment, preservation and housing.

Safety remains in the forefront especially due to the extreme dry weather. Watch and refrain from outdoor fires and fireworks during the holiday weekend.

Up next for RPNA is our annual January Community Meeting at the Red Leprechaun ( Wednesday January 24th at 7pm – Tracy is always the consummate host). Our guest will be the new Eastside lice Department Commander Erik Herzog.

We’ve had 3, that’s right 3 submissions for the Gnome that Stole Rose Park – you have until the end of day December 31st to send in to

Look for the next door to door newsletter at beginning of February in preparation for our BIG heART Art Show and Fundraiser – always super cool! Friday February 9th at LB Skate. Want to participate?

Reaching out….we have a project that needs someone with excel spreadsheet skills. Is that you? Can you donate 5-10 hours? Curious? Available? please email

To close for the year we are thankful to all that volunteer and just jump in to making Rose Park Neighborhood a super place. Treekeepers, event helpers, Clean Team, block groups, our non-profits and on and on!


Rose Park Neighborhood!

Photo: From an article from on-line NBC News in LA about storms from mid 1800’s to present. Here is a boulevard in LA – could have been Ocean Blvd about 80 years ago.

A storm that arrived Feb. 28, 1938 brought rainfall that intensified before finally moving out of Southern California five days later. It left behind a catastrophe in LA, Orange and Riverside counties and other parts of the region. Bridges, homes, businesses and roads were washed away as rivers overflowed their banks due to consecutive whopping storms. More than 100 people were killed. [J. Lloyd, 2-24-17]