Appreciation news

Efforts are being made to reach every Rose Parkian that has limited access to essential needs. Critical needs such as food, contact with up-to-date resources, face coverings, deliveries and so on! There are layers of food options but not all people know what they are. This applies to our senior and people with disability communities in our multi-unit buildings. They may seem hidden – because of limited access to their building – for those out on the street. But they are very much present and are important residents.

Randy Hope of CD2 and Brooke Baker of Revive got through the metal gates and security doors at Redondo Plaza. Everyone was estactic! Here is the acknowledgement by Randy Hope to those at Redondo Plaza.

Dear Angie – That is wonderful news about the donation from your owner. Please relay our gratitude to him. We greatly appreciate working with you on these actions and I know that Help Me, Help You will appreciate receiving the donation. 

To answer your questions, the following organizations have collaborated on various actions to assist the seniors at Redondo Plaza: 

  • Help Me, Help You
  • Revive Church
  • Rose Park Neighborhood Association
  • World Central Kitchen
  • Lola’s Mexican Cuisine
  • The Ordinarie
  • UPS

Help Me, Help You provided the food pantry donations on Friday. The Help Me, Help You food pantry is in partnership with Revive Church, located at 668 Obispo Ave, just around the corner from Redondo Plaza. It will be taking place on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. Brooke Baker, the Operations Administrator at Revive and Rose Park Neighborhood Association Board Member, is who you met along with me on Friday. 

Redondo Plaza is in the Rose Park Neighborhood. The Rose Park Neighborhood Association is continually working to make and build connections within the neighborhood. Gretchen Swanson is the Rose Park Neighborhood President. She is also involved in many other organizations I may have mentioned that the residents in your building can benefit from, not only during this time but also going forward. 

The warm meals being delivered Monday through Friday are part of an effort from the World Central Kitchen. World Central Kitchen is a nonprofit non-governmental organization devoted to providing meals in the wake of natural disasters. They are working with local restaurant chefs at Lola’s and The Ordinarie to provide meals to vulnerable populations. In Long Beach, UPS drivers are volunteering their time to get the meals delivered to residents. 

With me on Monday, you met Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce, who represents the Second District in which Redondo Plaza is located. Together we have worked with the nonprofits, neighborhoods, church, and restaurants to ensure the food security and other needs of seniors is met. 

We appreciate you being open to working with us on these efforts. Thank you for sending over the information about how we can assist the residents at Redondo Plaza.

We look forward to continuing to work with you. Please let me know if there are any other questions or how we may assist.   Randy Hope, CD2

If you have a neighbor that you believe may be helped at this time – please reach out to CD2 570-2222 and/or Rose Park Neighborhood Association, and finally the City’s Warm Line 570-INFO #5. Thank you!