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Care about clean air? Then join us to create clean air in our community!

Rose Park Neighborhood Association is excited to announce our upcoming clean air actions for CA Clean Air Day on October 7th.

Tree Care for Clean Air volunteer effort on Saturday, October 3rd from 9am to 11am. Do your part to clean the air with Rose Park Neighborhood Association & Long Beach Farms to mulch, prune and water the trees along 7th Street. Meet at the southwest corner of Dawson Avenue and 7th Street at 9:00am. Volunteers will fuel up with donuts and coffee and set out to work. Bring a friend who cares about clean air! Masks are required. Water bottles, comfortable, cool clothing and sunscreen recommended. RSVP to Danielle at volunteer and take the Clean Air Pledge here.

Buy Local Produce from Long Beach Farms! On Sunday, October 4th from 3pm to 5pm at Revive Church (668 Obispo Ave) we will host an outdoor farm box pick-up event to raise awareness for buying local with our community partner Long Beach Farms, a cooperative of local farmers. Reduce your carbon footprint – buy local and support local farmers! Stay tuned for an online raffle of farm box giveaways and take the Clean Air Pledge here.

Clean Air For Me is an online workshop led by Long Beach Environmental Services Bureau (Recycling and Hazardous Waste) and Development Services on Wednesday, October 7th at 11am. Topics will include the city’s recycling program, how to safely dispose of hazardous household waste, and provide an overview of the free home composting program. Long Beach Development Services will provide an update on the Climate Action Adaptation Plan (CAAP) and simple actions residents can take to clean the air. RSVP to

We hope you will join us and take the California Clean Air Pledge here!
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Long Beach Gives

As a neighborhood association, we greatly rely on the partnerships of Long Beach nonprofits to help us provide educational resources and services to our residents.

Visit LongBeachgives.Org to explore over 150 nonprofits making an impact in Long Beach. Select the nonprofits that speak to your passion for improving our communities and support their mission-driven services today. Generous donors can give through September 24th at midnight.

Of the 150 + nonprofits participating in Long Beach Gives, here are just a few organizations that build upon our neighborhood resources and strengthen the services we provide to residents.

Heart of Ida, Mental Health of America Los Angeles, Long Beach Gray Panthers, United Cambodian Community, Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach Time Exchange, Los Cerritos Wetlands Trust, Pools of Hope, Long Beach Community Table, Long Beach City Library, Long Beach Residents Empowered, Long Beach Forward, New Hope Grief Support, Pacific Asian Counseling Services, Jewish Family Counseling Services of Long Beach, The Center LGBTQ of Long Beach and many more.

Please help spread the word & Long Beach nonprofits – WE THANK YOU! #LongBeachGives #WhyIGive