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community partnerships & THIS WEEK’S FESTIVITIES …


Stop by Rose Park on 8th and Orizaba Avenue this Thursday, October 28 at 3pm for Halloween Art in Rose Park! Bring your own pumpkin for carving and painting with artist and resident Cody Lusby and ArtWorksLBC Director, Dawn Mendelson.

Starting at 6pm in Rose Park we invite neighbors to come dressed in their costumes. We will be handing out treats and Long Beach Youth Chorus we lead us on a fun walk with festive caroling down 8th street. Kids must be accompanied by a parent or guardian! Questions? Email


LaRaesha Murray, Operations Coordinator at Revive Church

Rose Park Neighborhood Association looks forward to continuing its long-time partnership with Revive Church, to offer events and programming for our neighbors. We are excited to introduce LaRaesha Murray, the new Operations Coordinator at Revive Church. LaRaesha is a mother of 4, she is passionate about children and their wellbeing. She taught preschool for 7 years, where she enjoyed helping children build their academic foundation, and help shape how they see themselves; as strong, capable, smart, caring individuals who are important and can make a difference even at a young age.

LaRaesha tells us: “Revive’s mission is to develop people who are living out their redemptive purpose in their circles of influence. The ministry has been a wonderful foundation to the growth of my children’s spiritual development, how they have found a great community of friends, and are able to share their faith with others. 
I have a passion for event design and planning, I enjoy throwing parties, hosting events and styling special occasions for family and friends. I currently provide assistance through a service called Joyous Occasion; which specializes in party styling, and event planning. I create unforgettable events and celebrations for family and friends. I love what I do, but most of all I enjoy seeing the smiles of my clients and their guests as they explore all that an event has to offer.”

LaRaesha invites neighbors to the upcoming Halloween Bash at Franklin Middle School on October 31st from 1:30pm to 4:00pm.