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Demitrius Zeigler and Alex Mendelson of Long Beach Farms produced this delightful cooking demonstration for Carrot Top Pesto. This is a perfect recipe for Long Beach Farms subscribers or for those just looking to use up the leftover food in the fridge. Simple, healthy and fun!

Learn more about Long Beach Farms HERE and order seasonal specialty items with a Long Beach Farm Box. Farm Box pickups occur every Sunday at the Revive Church parking lot in Rose Park Neighborhood at Coronado and 7th Street.


Esmeralda Garcia – Rose Park Neighborhood Board Member

Rose Park Neighborhood volunteers celebrated the 5th Annual Moms for a Beautiful 10th Street on Thursday, March 25th. Volunteers displayed vibrant butterflies on the trees of 10th Street from Temple to Cherry Avenue. The message for this year’s street action is “Moms are Essential!”

It has been a difficult year on us all and many moms are doing all they can to keep the family afloat; finding strength while managing their own careers, personal health and wellness. Rose Park Board Member, Esmeralda Garcia said it best stating: “Moms will continue to soar, just like butterflies soar through the air.”

We hope that residents will take a walk down 10th Street and check out all of the butterflies displayed in the trees. Previous street actions for Moms for a Beautiful 10th Street include raising awareness for pedestrian and bike safety, handing out personal safety alarms, and providing helpful resources to families at Willard Elementary.