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Nonprofit Spotlight

“Why is it important to be involved in Your neighborhood?”

“As a nonprofit agency within the Rose Park Neighborhood boundaries, it is vital for Safe Refuge to be a part of our community. Involvement in our neighborhood allows us to be proactive and gives a sense of pride, not only for our agency but most importantly for our clients. Volunteering and involvement in the community permits our clients a learning opportunity like no other. The experience is something we cannot provide without the assistance of entities like the Rose Park Neighborhood Association and the participation reveals a part of themselves they have not experienced for some time or for some clients, at any time.” – Arthur Romo, Safe Refuge

*Safe Refuge and its clients volunteer with the Rose Park Neighborhood Association for various events, and their role has evolved into a partnership. Safe Refuge contributes to several events throughout the year, including the set-up, refreshments and goodies for the Christmas Tree Lighting. Visit to learn more.

Volunteer Spotlight

Why is it Important to be Involved in Your Neighborhood?

“Since moving into our 100 year old craftsman house in Rose Park about a year ago, we have really enjoyed living here! We plan to stay in the neighborhood awhile and start our family here, so it’s important to us that we stay informed and play an active role in where we live and the community around us. We want to make sure we listen to our friends and neighbors and contribute to conversations about our safety, health, and community resources. Volunteering has been important to us and our families for most of our lives and we feel that there’s no better way to volunteer than in the place where we live. Even though we can get busy with work and other obligations, we try to do our best to stay updated through the newsletters, community meetings, and of course, the special events that bring us all together!” – Melissa Norrbom and Kenny Shiozaki-Kawamoto

*Kenny volunteers his time to research how the Long Beach Police Department crime database can clarify the type and extent of crimes in and around our neighborhood. He conducted an analysis of crime trends in the Rose Park Neighborhood and presented at the Rose Park Community Meetings in September 2018 and January 2019.

**We have several large events coming up in the next few months and we are looking for volunteers. Please email Danielle at if you would like to volunteer!