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Cabled – there is more to know!

A resident adds to our pool of knowledge.

In addition to abandoned and unused cable, there is a another problem, which results in unsightly (and unneeded) coils of cable at the end of active cables:

I was told by a Verizon worker who was installing fiber optic cable (Fios) at my home that the cables come in pre-measured lengths, with the connectors already installed on the ends. When they install a new line, they select a cable that is sufficiently long and simply leave the excess length in a coil at one end. I asked why not cut the cable at the proper length and install a connector at that position? He said the only reason is to save money and time (which also translates to money).

Specialized equipment and training is required to install a connector on the cut end of  fiber optic cable. One example description of the process on a web site has 24 steps. This is a time-consuming process, especially when performed in the field. Thus, it is far cheaper and quicker to use pre-measured and terminated lengths of cable.