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Summer in the city

Illegal fireworks are continuing – in some areas – especially near the ocean seem most affected. For those who are losing sleep – it is becoming a health issue. We want this to end. That said, our part is circumstantial but can help.

  1. Remind people with a window sign – we have a (limited) number to hand out during the LB Farm Box this Sunday in Revive Church parking lot E7th & Coronado. Stop by between 3pm-4pm July 5th.
  2. Send information about site of fireworks to the City Prosecutor’s office here is the link

And on another note some of our parkway trees have grown so much that they are covering street lights and growing on to overhead wires and on to roofs. These conditions are not safe. Please submit a request to have a tree trimmed. Here is the link.

Many Rose Parkians have taken the modification in the restrictions to heart and are wearing masks and maintaining distance. The irony of this situation is that for those who feel ‘hale and hearty’ are increasingly the individuals most likely to transmit the virus. So please remind others that our safety behaviors are protecting others!

Protests and action

There are many opportunities to participate in social change. But much harder – in fact, impossible – if you aren’t connected to the internet or can’t afford monthly broadband costs! Not everyone knows what is going on, yet so many are eager to know more and participate.

What does that mean? Share. Share what you know to be accurate. Listen. Listen to many voices and attend to those that are fact-based and informed.

If you are interested in working with a group dedicated to sharing and listening and you live in Rose Park [Cherry to Redondo: 4th to 10th] – please submit your name in nomination to Rose Park Neighborhood Association. Tiny hoop – opportunity for large commitment! Questions? Considerations? Send your information to info@RPNA.ORG. Today! Our annual election for the RPNA board is July – we are working out how that will work.