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Make a Difference!

This year, you can make a difference for Rose Park Neighborhood Association and the ArtWorksLBC program.

Rose Park Neighborhood and the ArtWorksLBC program is a participating nonprofit in Long Beach Gives to raise funds for Art in Rose Park. Under the facilitation of Director and Mosaic Artist Dawn Mendelson, Art in Rose Park brings individuals, families and partnering organizations together for a variety of art facilitated projects every Thursday from 3pm to 5pm.

The Rose Park Neighborhood ArtWorksLBC program is raising funds for art materials, stipends for visiting artists, and larger group art projects that work to revitalize and connect our neighborhood spaces and places.

If you believe in community building through art, we ask YOU to set a reminder to start donating on Thursday, September 15th to Rose Park Neighborhood Association’s ArtWorksLBC program and please spread the word!

Get inspired to give starting September 15th with the pictures below that highlight the ArtWorksLBC program in and around Rose Park Neighborhood …

Long Beach Gives is the city’s annual, online giving day event to raise awareness and funding for Long Beach nonprofits.

October Gathering – Indy Business Meet-up, Wed. Oct 22

October Gathering - Indy Business Meetup

Scads of people talk about “doing what they love”. And for many in Rose Park community that is what they are doing. So much so, that it is a signature part of our culture.

Rose Park Neighborhood Association is inviting ‘indie business owners’, self-employed, and artists to share their success stories. And maybe some precautionary notes.

The gathering is for all in the Rose Park area (4th to 10th:Redondo to Cherry). Those already signed up are:

Aliye Aydin—BeachGreens
Glen Mann—Urban Street Artist
Tim Scanlon—LB Skate
Richard Connelly—Ray Bay Film Studios

Work from home; walk to the beach; bike downtown; bus to CSULB

Wednesday October 22
Royal Cup Café
at 10th & Redondo

ROSE PARK Gathering
Our Live version of LinkedIn!
New Residents are Welcome!