BIG heART – The once a year gathering of real people and real artists

Rose Park Neighborhood opens it doors to all! Now in its 4th year the BIG heART is showing “Just One”.

Just One will over a dozen local artists. Poetry reading, live art.

This year’s annual art, fun(d) raising event.  Friday February 9, 2018 7pm-9pm Location: Hobo Jane’s at 3414 E 7th St, Long Beach, CA 90804

Meet and Greet with Local Artists, discuss their work, contribute to their labor and the work of the Rose Park Neighborhood Association.

Just One means having one conversation, taking one action, and making one contribution. Top local artists will be bringing just one of their pieces – our goal is that each of these artists goes home with a sale! And half of each sale, or more is shared with RPNA for its at-risk youth and neighborhood programming.

The floor show! An event artist will be creating a one of a kind art piece that will be sold at the end of the night. Our at-risk youth are invited to participate and help sign the piece.  We’ll have a poetry reading, too! Theme of event art is, of course, hearts and roses!!!

This year’s lineup:

Megumi Harrison (acrylic)

Dawn Mendelson (mosaic, community building)

Isaac Dazerok Ramirez (live artist)

Cody Lusby (brush-wielding renegade)

Barry Rothstein (3-D)

Li Yun Alvarado (poet)

Jonas Nakas (graphics/humour)

Eva Grello (collage and silkscreen)

Vivian Wenhuey Chen  (story telling in oil)

Margie Muns (Watercolor)

Regina Arpen (graphic)

Ryan Flynn (wood/skateboard)

Tommy Keo (upcycle fabrication)

Bring a friend and bring your family! – The meet and greet portion of this event is always a hit. People say they’ll just “stop by for a few minutes” and end up staying the evening having a superb time.  This year’s art show is at Hobo Jane’s a clothing boutique that supports local artists. Event is videotaped and put out on our youtube channel.