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May Community Meeting Report

There is a great deal to report on for our May Meeting – first we are so appreciative of Vanesha Davis, Principal and Marinelle Mariano,   faculty and the custodial staff who are generous with their time and hospitality for hosting us.

The agenda was packed (too much!) with information of what has been accomplished in past 6 months. Some highlights:

  • 60 solar powered motion detection lights installed by RTLB and the LBPD as a pilot project. See adjacent post.
  • Two areas of RP Neighborhood are beginning efforts to establish block groups. Ohio/Molino from 4th-7th….plans for a start-up meeting at Restauration (thanks to Dana Robertson). And Stanley from 7th to 10th….plans are to meet up at Rivera’s in near future. Key people will be reaching out to residents in those areas. If you’d like to be connected please email with your address.
  • The tree-keepers! Kicked off a plan for E7th and E10th. You’ll be seeing folks tending trees in next couple of weeks. Thank you Tim and David!
  • Art Romo presented an inspirational history of how he has become ‘hooked’ on community engagement.

Plus 3 RP videos on How we do it! here is the most recent clip! Plus lot’s more – keep watching for upcoming events:

June 17th – Tai Chi/Art Happening in Rose Park

July 23rd – Annual Picnic to be done adjacent to 8th St. Block Party

August – it seems so far away but working on the next Indie Meet up on “Empathy and Neighborhoods” with Li Yun Alvarado and Ellie Buchanan.

Innovative Pilot Project in Rose Park

Rose Park Neighborhood Association was contacted by LBPD in June of 2016 with an offer to be a pilot site for solar-powered motion detection lighting in an under-lit area of our neighborhood. The project a creation of Rebuilding Together, was coordinated by it’s Board President, Terri Griffith. Who then reached out to Commander Liz Griffen, Eastside Commander LBPD which resulted in 60 lights on 50 properties installed adjacent to the Park, Rose Park. All funds  were raised by RTLB, permission for installation was coordinated by LBPB and on a very rainy day in December, 2016 RTLB volunteers and off-duty LBPB officers and staff climbed ladders and used power tools to install these lights.

Commander Griffin and Terri Griffith were on hand last night at our  May Community meeting to give us an update. The lights went up in December, 2016. At this point, there are very preliminary findings. Of note is that callers to 911 re: potential disturbances are able to give more detailed descriptions and there has been no increase in calls. This is the first of its kind in the western part of the United States. We have much to learn about “Night Lighting” actions. Continue reading Innovative Pilot Project in Rose Park