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Egg Basket Survey

To acknowledge the Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine’s waiver of the permit fee for the Eggstravaganza – RPNA presented the Commission and the Director, Marie Knight with our Egg Basket Survey at this morning’s Commission meeting- it was well received!

The findings (in no particular order):

Egg Basket Survey Data – 2017

I love the Easter Bunny

The Community



The mosaic in the Gazebo

Best kept secret, great for walks, naps, quiet time, community events, meeting neighbors and friends  – loving it since 1979.

The Shape of it

The friendliness

Great Community

Rose Park is a place where neighbors and our fun children come together

I love Rose Park have been coming here since I was a baby

Because I get a chocolate bunny

The Event

The love

Inclusivity and Creativity

The history behind the community, the love & respect the neighbors share

The people

People from around the world!

I love Rose Park

This event

It is a perfect place to stop and rest while travelling around LB and its close to home

The community! Lots of activities and involvement

Delicious coffee shops & wonderful friendly neighbors

It’s cool

I love RP

It’s about people  the coolest neighborhood in LB

People Chemistry

The people and free coffee

The roses

The community involvement & diverse neighborhood

Historic homes on quiet streets


RP is fun & lucky

Saturday Tai Chi in Rose Park

This Saturday Tai Chi class taught by Florence St. Peter in Rose Park – please join in at 11am. This class is held every Saturday.  It is free/donation class. All are welcomed!

Tai Chi Chih is a meditative form of tai chi. Developed by Justin Stone in 1974 is a series of 19 movements and one basic pose dedicated to circulating and balancing the Vital energy (Chi) that flows within all of us. All the movements are slow and gentle, making them accessible to anybody, regardless of age, weight or physical activity.

And it is right after Danny’s locally famous puppy training class which is held every Saturday at 10am. Again his class is free and all are welcome.

These activities are developed and provided by RP neighborhood residents committed to giving and giving back. It’s a great day in the Park!

Photo is Flo giving a demo class at the recent Eggstravaganza.