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Reinvisioning East 7th Street

Art, Events, Food, and Festivities

Saturday and Sunday, October 19th and 20th
2:00p-6:00p each day

East 7th Street Scenes

Aptly set during Art month, residents and artists alike will be taking to the street—East 7th Street from Redondo Blvd. on the east to Alamitos Blvd on the west—to begin reinvisioning one of Long Beach’s most important corridors. Organized by the East Seventh Street Collaboration, which is made up of representatives from each of the neighborhoods that are bordered or bisected by this stretch of 7th Street, the purpose of the event is to have a thoughful, creative, and public engagement that both celebrates and re-imagines what can happen along this historic 1.6-mile stretch of road that connects neighborhoods and shops together as it leads travelers to downtown Long Beach. If we put our collective ideas and energies together toward a neighborhood-oriented (rather than freeway-oriented) vision, a much more enjoyable place to travel and hang-out can emerge. This is the next strep now that some power lines have been cleaned up, trees have been  planted, and intersections have been repaved with bricks.

We’re thankful to the many restaurants and local retailers that will be hosting café-lets—outdoor café tables and chairs—at which food and beverages will be served. Various free parking areas will be marked. Each of the neighborhood associations (including RPNA, of course!) will be present with volunteers. During the event the street will act as a backdrop to showcase a juried art show (for which artists used the street as inspiration) that offers new and fresh ideas of building use, façades, and streetscapes.

Walk the street and begin to imagine the possibilities! Be part of the conversation!

Join us for our next Neighborhood Exchange

Bountiful Earth

Join Alan Mullikin at Rose Park (8th St & Orizaba Ave) this coming Saturday, September 28th, between 10:00a and 11:00a for a “Neighborhood Exchange.” Bring something to trade that you’ve created or grown—vegetables, fruit, baked goods, arts, crafts, etc. Come connect with neighbors and showcase your creations!

Bring a blanket or simple stand to show off your goods and trade what you have for something a neighbor has created. If you don’t have something to share just come enjoy a morning in the park, meeting neighbors.

For more information or to get more involved contact Alan at