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City regulation on Accessory Dwelling Units will begin February 1st

Rose Park Neighborhood has already seen the approval by the Cultural Heritage Commission of Accessory Dwelling Units (under the State regulation), the first in a historic district in the city (Rose Park South has two approved COA’s). That state regulation has now been revised for Long Beach specific. Here is that ordinance.  You can track the Cultural Heritage Commission’s actions here.

And video footage (2.5 hrs) of recent Cultural Heritage Commission where specific applications are discussed.

January 1st

For many New Year’s Day is one of hope. And for all our collective efforts Rose Park Neighborhood’s hope was put to the challenge this year.

We experienced two serious events just as the year started. Some of you may not be aware of these incidents – here is the Police Department press release. Eastside Commander Herzog met with Gretchen Swanson, President RPNA about January 1st and other neighborhood concerns earlier this week. He followed up this conversation with a written review of the events that occurred on January 1st and what has happened since, as well as what is known. This is included below in its entirety. As you will see, additional information is needed to effectively proceed with this investigation. This level of communication and interaction is appreciated by the neighborhood association.

It is important to put these events in context and many may be aware of the declining violent crimes, i.e. murder episodes in Long Beach. There was a general email put forward by Mayor Garcia and Chief Luna (seen at end of this post). Some may want to delve into Police policies more deeply as you consider all of this. These can be found at the LB Police Department website.

Finally, Commander Herzog will be at our Rose Park Neighborhood Community Meeting Wednesday January 24th from 7:00pm-8:30pm at the Red Leprechaun (Termino & Anaheim). He will be addressing the events and follow-up of January 1st and where to get updates; as well as, crime trends in LB and the debut of a more robust and usable crime database, and how to inform the police of a crime in progress (911) versus chronic situations ( For important numbers to have on hand – check out the last page of our new Directory and print it out.

Here is Commander Herzog’s report of January 1st (as of end of day January 4, 2018)

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