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A Reminder About Our Peace Tree Lighting Ceremony Tomorrow Evening, Which Will Include a Memorial Tribute to Neighborhood Resident and Retro Row Advocate Diane Gershuny


We remind you of our annual Christmastime Peace Tree Lighting Ceremony, which will happen tomorrow evening, Sunday, December 15th between 6:00p and 7:30p. As always, it promises to be filled with holiday spirit and  good-ol’ fashioned neighborly fun. There will be music, cider, cookies, and chocolate, too. Please come and join us! We’ll be gathering in Rose Park, which is located in the circular intersection of 8th Street at Orizaba Avenue.

After learning this week about the death of Rose Park resident and Retro Row advocate Diane Gershuny, whose battle with esophageal cancer ended this past Monday, we’ve modified Sunday’s program to include a moment of remembrance for Diane, whose contribution to our neighborhood and to Retro Row’s popularity is impossible to fully express. Indeed, as Brian Addision writes in the obituary that the Long Beach Post ran a few days ago, “Making Long Beach a better place was Diane’s ultimate desire—and she succeeded not just barely, but extraordinarily.” And, thus, we wish to honor her memory at Sunday’s celebration. You can read more about Diane’s life and interests in OC Weekly‘s 2011 profile of her, and in this week’s obituaries that were published on the Long Beach Post and Grunion Gazette.

Don’t forget that everyone is encouraged to bring an ornament for the tree. The theme of our tree is peace, so we ask that you to include a message of peace on or with your ornament. Remember, we save the ornaments and use them year after year, so we ask that you make yours waterproof and non-breakable.

Bring family and friends—we look forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

Long Beach Police Announce Arrests in Connection with Recent Cell Phone Thefts and Encourage Public to Remain Vigilant

Given that a short while ago we notified our readers about the notable increase in strong-arm robberies that have been taking place in our area of Long Beach, as well as helped spread the word about the recent community meeting regarding the matter at which Captain LeBaron was in attendance, we also thought it important to announce that the LBPD have made some arrests with respect to these types of crimes.  For those that wish to read more, visit this link. As our headline to this article makes clear, despite this development, it’s important that you to remain smart and safe when you’re walking about, especially if you are alone. Please be aware of your surroundings wherever you go, and don’t forget that using a cell phone or otherwise being distracted is not only dangerous when driving a car, but also when walking and bicycling. Be smart and stay safe!