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Times are hard – here are some leads for safety services

The economy has not been a friend to many, especially here in Southern California. You may know of someone who needs critical assistance to remain safe. We’ve learned from city personnel that there are key resources for those with food insecurity or threat of homelessness. Please, please pass this information on to those who might benefit. And, if possible and you have the wherewithal please send a donation to these organizations.

Remind folks that they should bring a form of ID and proof of LB residency – some sites have different requirements – it helps to call first to confirm.


Christian Outreach in Action: Hot Breakfasts (7:00am) and Hot Dinners (4:30pm) Mondays – Fridays located 3rd&Linden Phone 562-432-1440. Also at this location is a Food Bank on Tu/Th 9am-Noon, Clothing Fri 9am-Noon.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church located at 525 E. 7th St. Phone 562-436-4047: Breakfast 1st&3rd Saturdays 8am-10am; Hot lunch 2nd & 4th Saturdays 9am-noon

St. Francis Center located at 1041 East. 7th St. Phone 562-599-6474: Sack Lunch 5pm Monday-Friday

Food Banks

St. Luke’s Episcopal located at 525 East 7th St. Phone 562-436-4047 Wed 9am-Noon

Catholic Charities located at 123 E. 14th St. 562-591-1351 Tu/Th 9:30- Noon and 1:30pm-3pm

Parkside Christian Church located at 7th & Obispo Last Saturday of the month 11am-12:30pm CALL FIRST 562-434-3408

Emmanual Presbyterian Church located at 4017 E. 6th St (corner Termino) 3rd Saturday of the month 9am-llam 562-439-8946

Homeless Services

Multi Servcie Center located at 1301 W. 12th St. Long Beach 90813

562-733-1147 Hours M-F 8am-5pm  Thursdays 8am-2pm

Bus #191-194 and #45

The Multi Service Center provides integrated, on site services through multiple agencies for the homeless. Services include referrals for housing placement, financial assitance with utilities and rent, complete HIV housing services, case mangement, childcare, medical care for adults and children, telephones, showers, laundry facility, etc. AGencies work towards the immedicate stabilization of individuals and families in need. Transportation is available.

Shopping for help during the holidays?

We’ve received an increase in inquiries for craftsmen, tradesmen and contractors who know how to appropriately repair and restore homes in our historic districts. Just some tips as you start searching for help on the internet.

1. Make sure to review the certificate of appropriateness requirements in historic districts. Call 562-570-6864 , email  or check out in advance information at the City Planning Department to see if what you want to do needs approval. Plan to go down and visit, especially if you are planning to buy in the historic district. Better do it before . . .rather than during/after.

2. Check out the specialists that are familiar to Rose Park – from our Restoration Trade Fair. Click for Restoration Vendor List. Always a good place to start.

3. Don’t rush – it’s taken about 100 years for our homes to be this old. . .we don’t necessarily need to fix it in a day (unless of course it’s an emergency).

4. Plan to relax and enjoy – Happy Holidays!