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Long Beach Crime Portal and Monthly Crime Statistics – Kenny Shiozaki-Kawamoto

DataLB ( is the city’s new public GeoSpatial & Open Data Portal for exploring, visualizing and downloading data that is now publicly available.  Users are able to filter by date ranges, day of the week, time of day, and crime type.  There are over 24 different crime types to select from and each occurrence is mapped by a unique data point.  Users are able to select a data point and see detailed information like the address, date, and time of day.

In addition to the Crime Portal, the city also posts monthly crime statistics at

The statistical reports contain the LBPD’s monthly crime statistic data sorted by 5-year summary, previous year to current year, and reporting district.  Below is a partial view of the citywide report for January 2018.



For a more detailed post on how to use the Crime Portal and how RPNA is using both the Crime Portal and Monthly Crime Statistics as a comparison tool, please visit

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Life after the Land Use Element (LUE)

The City Council passed the much discussed and difficult to understand Land Use Element. The real work is in front of us. We will now have the responsibility to discuss the zoning, urban design and green zones overlay. We’ll be posting engagement and information opportunities in the days ahead. In the meantime, the East 7th Street Collaboration will review the next steps for our adjoining neighborhoods of Rose Park, Rose Park South, AOC7, Craftsman Village and North Alamitos Beach Neighborhood groups.