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Kids Stuff this Saturday – June 8th 10am-1pm at Rose Park

1. Plan to bring a cotton t-shirt OR pick up a canvas bag to have the day’s message silk screened on!

2. Complete 10 steps to move our climate action forward.

3. Help with the Trash Dash.

4. Lounge with Pastries and Coffee from Corner Bakery while pondering life in 100 years at the Gazebo.

5. Face painting, 1-min shower, climate resiliency booth, where is your home on the CAAP map, identify paw prints, sign up for a beach clean-up, construct something at the Maker’s table, get stuff.

Thanks to Port of Long Beach sponsorship! #Climate4NeighborhoodHealth

Healthy Concerns

Here is a sampling of the comments and thoughts from our recent Community Meeting – What Makes a Healthy Neighborhood. Led by Chris Robson.

  • Social determinants are a key indicator of health disparities
  • Structural, that is, policies are in place that keep unhealthy conditions. To change health experience for the neighborhood, those need to change
  • Vision Zero should be related to altering structural policy towards safety
  • Mental wellness and health are concerning
  • The Rose Park area has two outstanding resources for mental health support and services (The Center and Safe Refuge)
  • Self esteem is supported by doing ‘esteem-able acts’
  • We don’t turn anyone away (mental health provider)
  • I feel safe walking by Safe Refuge – all those nice people walking about
  • Innovation can start right in Rose Park – with distribution of food from local schools back to the families that need that support
  • Our schools are sources of structural inequity
  • We are in this together – A mosquito born in NLB may fly to RP Neighborhood or vice versa. Air quality knows no zip code boundary

Want to get involved and learn what is next up for Healthy Rose Park Neighborhood?

Add your thoughts to this on-going initiative – please email them to and they will be forwarded to the healthy neighborhood that task group.