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Walk the Walk

Some years ago the RPNA Board established the Historic Brick Walk. Many of you have mentioned “How can I have a brick?”. Here is the form. Complete page 2 (see below) and send with check to RPNA 3350 E. 7th #140, LB 90804. To help us….send us an email to alert us to incoming request Please make sure we have a way to reach you to confirm request.

We need to have a minimum of 4 requests to have the engraving company out to the park. Once that is done….we’ll post so everyone can see their name on the walk!

Updated Brick Brochure_page2

Going forward

The newly elected RPNA meets in August choosing officers and planning the master calendar. Priorities and actions are worked on each month. Please send in thoughts to

Congratulations & Best Wishes to the New
Rose Park Neighborhood Association Board
* John * Danielle * David * Darick 
 * Dusty * Gretchen
What a great team!

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