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Informed and Ready to Act!

Winter Community Meeting – filled with specific info on our readiness for “the big one”; and the same time we were intro’d to opportunities to volunteer with transformative programming at the LB Public Library and finally  the why’s of paying attention as a pedestrian. A new resident to RP Neighborhood remarked “great meeting, it engages us”.

Thanks to Joshua and Alana from LBPL, Kenny with our take on the last 6 months of ‘hit-and-run’ actions in RP, and Jake who had us all walk away with a ‘shoe bag’!!!

Thanks to Devin Ablard from Council Member Jeannine Pearce’s office, and Council Member Supernaw staying for a few minutes to highlight CD2’s and CD4’s joint effort for the 10th & Orizaba crosswalk improvements. And importantly – Tracy Ames, Red Leprechaun’s proprietor and our friend and neighbor.

On that note:

Want a fruit tree in your front yard? Here are the instructions.New Fruit Trees Program

Need that stump removed from your parkway? A Letter from Mayor Garcia

The City Council just adopted a responsible budget that supports public safety and provides more resources to address homelessness. Buried in the budget, are many investments that don’t get much of attention but make a difference in our neighborhoods.

This includes a fund to eliminate the backlog of tree stumps across the city. These stumps are in the public right of way and in neighborhoods and parks. For years the city has cut down dead trees or those damaging roads, sidewalks, and homes and often the stumps were left behind. This budget addresses this backlog and funds the removal of these stumps.

If you have a tree stump in your neighborhood that needs removal, please email us at and include “Tree Stump” in your subject line. Be sure to include the address of where the stump is located in the body of your email. We plan to remove all reported stumps over the course of the next year.

I want to thank Councilwoman Stacy Mungo Flanigan for partnering on this proposal and her leadership on the Budget Oversight Committee. I look forward to yet another year of seeing our streets, sidewalks, parks and all our city infrastructure improving.

Go Long Beach,

Mayor Robert Garcia

Winter Community Meeting

Located in a favored pub/eatery, Red Leprechaun Wed. Jan 23rd from 7pm-8:30pm. Where is Red Leprechaun? Corner of Anaheim and Termino, 4000 E. Anaheim. Thank you Tracy!

  • Josh from LB Public Library – what’s new….some terrific and smart programs
  • Jake from City CERT program – how neighborhoods prepare for disaster.

Anticipating that some residents may want to host a block party to kick off their disaster planning – city applications will be on hand. We have reached out to our residents and our non-profits/faith based communities to attend. We need to develop not only awareness but reliance on each other.

“…..findings show that ambulances and firetrucks and government aid are not the principal ways most people survive during — and recover after — a disaster. His data suggest that while official help is useful — in clearing the water and getting the power back on in a place such as New Orleans after Katrina, for example — government interventions cannot bring neighborhoods back, and most emergency responders take far too long to get to the scene of a disaster to save many lives. Rather, it is the personal ties among members of a community that determine survival during a disaster, and recovery in its aftermath.”