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Very, very slowly and without fanfare our streets, alleys and homes are being draped in cable. Much like kudzo in the southern part of the United States. Why is that? For one, communication utilities and those wires (those are the lowest hanging wires) are not required to remove out of use or unnecessary cables! So they pile up.

There are efforts in LB and in CA to step back and control the layering  of abandoned cables and wires.

  • Belmont Hts Neighborhood Assn. (BHNA) is asking residents to call the Governor’s Office to stop a bill [SB 649]  that would eliminate local control of communication utilities.  It does so by limiting local governments’ control over the placement of wireless equipment and significantly reduces the fees cities can charge for the placement of this equipment.   It is essential to maintain local municipal oversight of these types of utilities, a critical protective role for  residents.      then click on SB 649
  • BHNA is also spearheading an effort to redefine ‘abandoned wire’. With our City Attorney’s office, they want to create a more accountable regulation to correct this impending  and unsafe eyesore.
  • In the meantime, look up and see how many wires are coming from the utility pole into your house – for most households there should only be 2! A wire for electricity and one for communications.

As we understand the significance of this situation and what we can do to correct it we’ll send out additional posts. Questions?

Board Members – Dague and Salkowski

Danielle on Board – Danielle Potter Dague Secretary of RPNA Board

It was an easy transition for Danielle Potter Dague, her husband Brian Dague, their two year old son Bennett, and cat Twerp to make the move from their home in Seattle into a friend’s bungalow in Rose Park’s historic district. Danielle remarks, “We had an opportunity to get back to southern California with Brian’s job, and we wanted to live in a neighborhood with a similar Seattle feel. We were looking for a place with a unique vibe, friendly faces, and an easy walk to the beach, shops, restaurants, etc. Rose Park is that neighborhood.”

Brian, a Project Executive for BNBuilders and a CSULB alumnus has truly embraced the neighborhood. “When I get home from work, I love to be able to ride my bike down Junipero to the beach. The residents are friendly, and it’s the little things like the horn honking tamale cart and fun neighborhood activities that makes Rose Park a great place to live.”

Danielle previously worked at Seattle University as an advisor for aspiring public sector leaders, and led the communications and outreach efforts for the Master of Public Administration and undergraduate public affairs programs. “Becoming involved with the neighborhood association was natural for me. I look forward to working with the Rose Park Neighborhood Association Board to learn from and support the values of its residents.”

John Salkowski joins RPNA Board

John has been around a bit. Detroit, South and North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri….out of state. And now he strolls from his pad on Obispo down to the beach. Loves the Junipero Bike Corridor. It’s like bread crumbs for those who’ve suffered winter. John says that he and his spouse Patricia “never thought we would live in California or like it; but we do on both accounts!”

His company, CTS Cement Manufacturing Corporation, brought him to LBC and where he is the Vice President of Operations .  So he can appreciate a built environment! ” I love the diversity of both the people and architecture of historic districts and the sense of community that thrives in these neighborhoods.”

John is looking forward to working in the neighborhood association. He was nominated by his neighbors to seek a Board position- which says a lot. John brings a passion for the 6th St. Bike Blvd. He just plain likes being outside. “I enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, and all outdoor activities. A couple of years ago I began participating in Triathlons and so far have completed 9 with two more to go this year.” Go John – we’ll meet you at the finish line.