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Attending a Planning Commission Meeting

Sometimes being ‘involved’ or engaged means leaving the sofa, traveling to downtown and sitting for a few hours. But if not done we’d never know if/how we made a difference. On Thursday Dennis Herbert, RPNA Vice-President did just that. He had comments prepared after reviewing the recommendations submitted in 2016 by E7th St. Collaboration regarding the 2035 Land Use Element. What was important to convey was the need to establish the specific impact and remediation for future development in the city before¬† a plan is approved. Dennis left after he presented – he wanted to stay but the parking ticket loomed after 2 hours. I’m trying to attach the video for your review all 5 hours and 21 minutes. That file is still loading after 45 minutes. The minutes of the meeting were not posted at this time. But check back.

You may hear hands being thrown up with verbal consternation about planning for the future. But plan we must. RPNA’s position is to support civic engagement, and where it effects preservation or health and safety work to support the best response/regulation for all who call the Rose Park Neighborhood home. Your voice is essential.¬† Here is link to City of Long Beach Planning Commission.