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A long time resident recently sent in an email about who to contact about a situation near her home.  She works nights and walks her dogs when she returns.

Since I am working nights now, I walk my dog anywhere between midnight and 6am regularly. Most nights are uneventful, but some times I see some suspicious people loitering. I figure since I walk my dog during those hours anyways, it would be nice to be involved.  I don’t really want to waste emergency resources calling 911 every time I see a suspicious person, but if you know of anyone I should talk to about these things on a non emergent basis, that would be awesome. Anyways, if you have any info you can impart, I would greatly appreciate it.

So here is a list – always call. Don’t hesitate. If you don’t call – the police don’t know. The person answering at 911 or the non-emergency line will triage the situation. The calls made about suspicious behavior – do add up! If you would like a follow-up call let the operator know. Be clear in the description, location, don’t inflate the seriousness but on the other hand if your experience feeling unsafe then it is worth the call.

Long Beach City Services

DIAL 9-1-1
In a Life Threatening Emergency

Police Dispatch
(562) 435-6711
(Do not call for an emergency response)

Business Desk Inquiries
(562) 570-7260

Community Watch for the East Division Email:   Office: (562) 570-5812 Continue reading Q&A

Tags on Tenth St Trees – Women who’ve made a difference

Asked last June to commemorate newly planted trees along 10th Street we were inspired by the Mom’s for a Beautiful 10th Street AND the 96th year since women were allowed to vote in U.S. elections. So we tagged the 96 trees with names offered by residents of ‘women who’ve made a difference’. Although tags have faded the effect of those women have not! At the recent Indie Meetup: Women and Resiliency discussion attendees made some new tags to place on the 10th St. Trees. Want to suggest a name or two? Please send to

Not sure when we’ll place the tags on the trees so watch this space.