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Want to join in on Tai Chi in Rose Park?

The Tai Chi class meets Tuesday mornings at 8:15am. It is pretty regular. If and when the weather gets rainy in the winter we meet at the Universal Mind Science Church a couple blocks away. Otherwise, if it’s Tuesday it’s Tai Chi in Rose Park.

This is a great introductory class and for some just the perfect level. All are welcome – it is free. Although donations may be made to Heart of Ida that brings the program to our neighborhood. If you’d like to be placed on the reminder eblast please email A short email is sent every Monday…..a gentle reminder.

Skivvy on Historic District Plaques

Rose Park residents in both our historic districts have been asking about the house plaques. You’ve seen them on many of the homes referred to as ‘contributing structures’ in our neighborhood. Any structure in an historic district qualifies to have this sign.

Rose Park_August2017 (options)

Order directly from Erie Landmark. You’ll reach Jeremy Wise to confirm your order. The signs are either a rectangle or oval and you need to specify the year the home was built and which district: Rose Park Historic District or Rose Park South Historic District.

Contact info:

Jeremy A. Wise, Erie Landmark Company, 637 Hempfield Hill Road, Columbia, PA 17512

Phone: 1-800-874-7848
Fax: 717-285-3166