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Soon on a light post near you!

Placemaking signs are being produced and will be placed on light poles around Rose Park Historic District [Redondo to St. Louis/Cherry: E7th to E10th]. Forty signs in all.  We have many to thank. First and foremost Dennis Herbert who took the idea and ran with it, the NPP staff, Jane at SavOn Signs, Aaron Jackson and Jim Danno. And something called persistence.


Last week more ‘tending’ along E7th. A truck load of mulch from Office of Sustainability was delivered (i.e. 12 brown trash cans worth) with 3 RPN Treekeepers on hand to place in tree wells between Walnut to Cherry. Just to note the E7th Trees are tended by all 4 adjacent neighborhoods – this just happened to be part of RP’s effort.

Then Julie Bedard – former owner of UPS at E7th and Redondo – offered to clean up the area near our placemaking sign E7th and Temple. And then Bonnie on 6th offered some additional mulch!