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A Hot Weekend

Seriously it will be hot this weekend. Many Rose Park residents do not have air conditioning. The cooling centers around the city such as  the libraries and community centers are closed due to the holiday! Except it seems our Long Beach Senior Center at 1150 East 4th (Near Orange) which should be open on Saturday. PLEASE CALL FIRST.  Call (562) 570-3100 for hours of operations on holidays. 

The National Institutes of Health has a short brief of things to remember especially for seniors/older adults or anyone that might be challenged due to the heat. Please review these recommendations. IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE that may be adversely effected by heat please check in with them over the next few days. A wonderful labor of love.

Soon on a light post near you!

Placemaking signs are being produced and will be placed on light poles around Rose Park Historic District [Redondo to St. Louis/Cherry: E7th to E10th]. Forty signs in all.  We have many to thank. First and foremost Dennis Herbert who took the idea and ran with it, the NPP staff, Jane at SavOn Signs, Aaron Jackson and Jim Danno. And something called persistence.