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Light Our Night

With tremendous support by 2nd District and Rebuilding Together LB, Rose Park Neighborhood Assn. will be installing 25 lights in alleys around the Rose Park Neighborhood area from 4th to 10th; from Redondo to Cherry.

If you and your neighbors are interested in participating in a future install please send an email to  with the target alley and the approx. number of lights. We ask for a small donation to help cover the cost of the solar powered motion activated lights. Remember all property owners will need to sign a waiver – so start cultivating those neighbor-to-neighbor conversations!

Homeless Outreach

For non-emergency concerns regarding a person/persons who are living on the street please call 562-570-4550. This number is  checked regularly and dispatch to address locations throughout the city.  Homeless outreach is not a 24/7 service but does have some extended hours and they will call you back if you request it. If there is concern for safety or crime – call 911.

If you’d like to help the homeless in Long Beach our Department of Health and Human Services has compiled many ways to get involved.