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This Weekend

This Weekend and Beyond

CCC – Feeling the bite? Our Coronado Cooling Center is aware of the mosquito endemic. There are new forms of tiny mosquitoes some that target those tasty ankles. Be aware and take precautions – socks! Here is the mosquito weather report.

UAIZ – 2nd District Council together with Development Services and Long Beach Fresh,  are hosting an Information Session for the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones Program on September 25th. We are inviting vacant lot owners and local farmers, gardeners, and community organizations to join us to learn more about the program and discuss how urban agriculture can be implemented in Long Beach. Attached is the event flyer as well as two images that can be used for promotion. Please help us spread the word to anyone who is interested in urban ag and this program.Info Session Flyer

Community Meeting – Etiquette and Engagement: Ways to address Nuisances. We’ll distinguish ways to solve chronic nuisances. Council Member Pearce and Commander O’Dowd will be on hand. Plus residents who are engaging in quality of life actions. Calendar and attend Tuesday Sept. 25th 6:30-8pm at Rivera’s Mexican Restaurant (E7th and Gladys).

Background on some nuisance issues – You’ll have your own, as well.

Smoking   Model Ordinance for Communities to Consider

Parking A older but pertinent article on parking as a growing issue

Trash: NABA Clean-up Trash continues, you can take an immediate action. Join our important neighbors North Alamitos Beach. NABACLEANUP

Newsletter on the way! Soon to be at your doorstep! Always good with morning coffee or afternoon tea!


Things of note

Many are getting back into their fall schedule. Best of luck for those going to school! Getting a new job! Here are some things to put in your schedule.

Check out Rose Park Neighborhood Community Meeting! Excellent agenda and good place to connect.

Tuesday Sept. 25th 6:30-8pm at Rivera’s Mexican Restaurant E7th & Gladys. Guests: Commander Patrick O’Dowd, Eastside PD Commander and Jeannine Pearce, 2nd District Councilmember

Focus: Etiquette and Engagement vs. Nuisance

We’ll be addressing nuisance behaviors: parking, trash, smoking, noise and ways we can be part of the solution. Sign up to volunteer for 10th Street Treekeepping, Newsletter distribution and other neighborhood actions.

And on your way to the bus stop or cycling to class if you should notice a tree stump in the parkway – call or email it in to the city!!! There is $ and a plan to remove stumps in the entire city. We have them in RP!!!

From Mayor Garcia’s desk: Continue reading Things of note