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Let’s Walk the Jane’s Walk

A Jane’s Walk – named after the urban planning visionary, Jane Jacobs – will start at Do Good Donuts at 4th (between Ohio and Temple) Saturday May 19th at 10am. Gretchen Swanson and John Salkowski from RPNA will be on hand, as well. There are lots of folks interested per WalkLB’s facebook page, which is the group facilitating this shared walking opportunity. Why? Well to observe and learn. Jane’s Walks are occurring around LB, some stroll others book it! We’ll just have to see what happens in Rose Park South! Come on out!

Just in time for AMGEN

Retro Row 4th Street BID with Luther Burbank School and Rose Park Neighborhood Association put out the welcome mat (or banner) just in time for this weekend’s Mother’s Day AMGEN race – 12 times through Retro Row – COME ON OUT! The banner is on the south side of the school campus correctly placed for all those cyclists! And thank you Karen Hewus, Look Graphics who is a terrific supporter of our RPNA functions!