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Health and Safety – Some thoughts and actions

Say no to bike thefts! According to LBPD the best things to prevent your bike from being stolen is 1) use a U-lock and 2) lock your bike in a well-lit, traveled area. BTW – the Long  Beach PD has a sting operation for bike thieve rings. So, call in your stolen bike.

Community programming by YMCA – Bilingual programming for kids and parents at Bobby Smith and Jenny Orpeza sites. Check it out – really great stuff. And pass it on!

Healthy Seniors – Go figure or better yet come on out! See Focus Group coming up November 17th 10am and in the meantime check out what is offered here in LB – AgeWell Guide

Senior focus group_strategic plan flyer



Empathy and Neighborhood – Friday, December 8th 7pm at UMS Church

Rose Park Neighborhood Association has facilitated ‘kitchen table ‘ discussions a couple of times a  year for a few years. Last one was “Women and Resilience” and was hosted at Hobo Jane’s boutique. Well received.

We’ve been working on one around the topic of empathy.  We are thinking it may be a good time to ‘dust off’ its use and bring it to the foreground. The simple definition is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” Yet the ability is at times challenging. The discussion will link empathy to neighborhood(s). So, we are reaching out to our residents, friends, neighbors, non-profits and all to join us Friday, December 8th at 7pm at the Community Room at UMS Church – 8th & Obispo (door off 8th St. side).

So to get those empathetic juices going a Friday night is one of the most challenging times to find parking….so bus, uber/lyft/walk/bike/bundle up.

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