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The holiday weekend – join in at gathering on 5th Street

Adelita and Andrew offer monthly gatherings so Rose Parkians can meet each other. Love it!

WHAT: Labor Day BBQ , When: Sunday, September 2nd , Time: 6pm

Address and RSVP:  Adelita @213-814-8095
2435 East 5th Street
Long Beach, CA 90814

And while you are relaxing over the weekend why not complete the very short survey about city budget priorities. You’ll feel that you’ve accomplished something good!But if you are bored and have just a few extra hours here is the 600+ page city budget. Go for it!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday – From RPNA!

Letters Matter

Letters Matter: Nuisance, Etiquette and Participation

How do problems get fixed? Knowing how things work and having residents who are collectively and coordinately involved is an essential first step. That’s how neighborhoods get things done. For example, knowing when to call for an emergency response, 911 or when it is more effective to contact our Police Department’s chronic nuisance email address,  In other words, the beat officer who is on duty when you call will respond to your call as an emergency, but if you email a description of when a non-emergent but troubling activity is occurring e.g. everyday morning at 4am at a certain location, you’ll likely improve the response.

Voting is another way to get things done. It may seem counter intuitive but if we are disinterested in who is running our city or regional governments that implies we may be disinterested in working to solve problems. Frankly a large percentage of our residents who are eligible to vote don’t – we have a poor track record. Regardless of who you’d like to represent you voting implies engagement and accountability.

The neighborhood association works to be responsive, but we are not the city nor are we you. We have made some gains. As more people move into our neighborhood we expect we will have more things to work on. So here are the items that were submitted from our recent “what needs to be done” call-out. I’ve not included the comment one person submitted re: homeless in the neighborhood – there will be large scale efforts soon that we can work with the city on. But in the meantime, here are the remaining concerns and what if any efforts are underway at the neighborhood level to improve the situation. Next Community Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday September 25th 6:30-8pm at Rivera’s Mexican Restaurant (yes, children are welcome!). Focus will be on Nuisance vs. Etiquette with new Eastside Commander O’Dowd and 2nd District Councilmember Pearce. Continue reading Letters Matter