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Community Meeting! Meet up at Red Leprechaun Jan 23rd Wed 7pm

We will be hosting our city’s CERT Program Manager, Jake Heflin.  The focus will be on emergency preparedness for neighborhoods.  Have you stored sufficient water? Tucked away trash bags for non functioning toilets? Know where you squirreled away your food supplies? and all kinds of things. Knowing your neighbors is one of the components of being prepared. You may need help: turning off the gas, stabilizing a structure, immediate medical care. Come on down and meet some of your neighbors! And, bring the whole family!

Wednesday Jan 23, 2019 7:00-8:30pm at Red Leprechaun 4000 E. Anaheim St.

Making a difference

We are just a few days into the New Year. And shaking off the effects of all those celebrations. Wonderful! And now down to the business of the resolutions. Rather than make ones you won’t want to keep how about some different ones? Resolutions that make a difference.

Support Street Safety in the Neighborhood – Drive 25 miles/hour or less. Significantly reduces  the chance of a mortality if an accident should occur. Come out on Jan 16th along 10th Street

Parking your Expensive car on the Street – How about reducing all that pent up tension and use the drive or garage – if of course, you have one. Plus cleaning out your garage you’ll find you can store important items you’ll need during a disaster.

Disaster Preparedness is always on people’s to-do list but how many of us have 3-7 days of water? Start off right by joining in at the Winter Community Meeting (Red Leprechaun – Wed Jan 23 7pm). Where we’ll have a local expert on Disaster Preparedness. Bring the kids there will be some related activities for them!

More along the lines of Stress Reduction, how about volunteering in the bi-annual Homeless Count. You’ll be glad you did. Neighborhoods are a key stakeholder in addressing homelessness within our community. The Department of Health and Human Services would like to invite you to participate in the upcoming Homeless Count on Thursday, January 24, 2019 which provides a great opportunity for community neighborhood volunteers to come together on an issue that impacts us all.  Participation in the Homeless Count is guaranteed to provide insight to services available to assist individuals experiencing homelessness, meet service providers and mingle with others concerned about homelessness in our City.  Participating in citywide outreach to our most vulnerable residents is a very enlightening and rewarding experience for all! Continue reading Making a difference