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Notes for the Weekend – July 21 and 22nd

Sunday July 22nd – Annual Picnic “Sunday in the Park” noon to 4pm at Rose Park, 8th & Orizaba. Live music, games, total fun. Fun for all!

Sunday in the Park Contributors: Councilmember Pearce! The SAFE Refuge Family, Power4Youth, WalkLB, LB Public Library, RTLB, Non-partisan Voter Registrars (Janna and Richard), our volunteers, our board and…..The Art Theatre, Portfolio, Do Good Donuts….and we’ll post more as that information comes in. Free raffle! Opportunity to get your name on a park brick. RPNA Elections! Photo booth plus on-site Video and Photos of the day. Red Leprechaun for food!! Or bring your own picnic. Thank you all for your contributions!

AND….entries to the CCC (Coronado Cooling Center).

Bonnie suggests – hooking up sprinkler on Tuesday and Saturdays (watering days) and running through the drops! The magic is inviting the neighborhood kids to run through the water – cool kids are good for everyone. Fab idea and now for the other 5 days….

Richard sends in – pulling out and dusting off that kiddie pool, place it in the shade and then fill part way with water. Swell way to cool pets and toes.

Other hints and tips to reduce energy use and stay cool – send to