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Trees for Rose Park South Tribute Local Leader – March 18th!

From the desk of

Margaret Madden
Neighborhood Improvement Officer

New trees are coming to the Rose Park South neighborhood in 2017!  I am writing to invite you and your groups to volunteer to help plant them!

I am honored to share that the community is hosting this tree planting in memory of Douglas and Scottie Hinkey. Douglas and Scottie Hinkey were Rose Park neighborhood residents for many years with deep roots in Long Beach.  Continue reading Trees for Rose Park South Tribute Local Leader – March 18th!

Wondering what you’ll do Friday Feb. 10th?

The BIG heART is on for Friday Feb 10th. Since the last post here are some updates.

  • Interactive spots creating a skateboard mosaic and arborgraph magnets
  • Film crew will be interviewing the artists and those attending building the conversation how Artists reflect neighborhood and how neighborhoods support Artists.
  • Menu update – besides the usual wine and cheese niblets, we’ll be serving sliders from Red Leprechaun.

Sneak peek from 4pm-6pm and the program with “Meet The Artists”, free interactive art, and sales of art will be from 6pm-8pm.


LB Skate at 3142 East 7th Street





Hobo Jane’s at 3414 E 7th St