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What are you doing this Tuesday? June 5th

And more importantly have you scheduled time to review the stack of pamphlets you’ve gotten through the mail. If you haven’t noticed or taken the time – check it out!. TUESDAY is election day. A TON of things to vote on/for. If you haven’t received and mailed in a ballot….then you can:

  • take your ballot (don’t close the envelope) to your polling or nearest polling place.
  • go to your polling place to vote between 7am-8pm. Locate your polling place here. Or call (800) 815-2666.
  • don’t know if you are registered? you can find out on line! Really.

Let’s Walk the Jane’s Walk

A Jane’s Walk – named after the urban planning visionary, Jane Jacobs – will start at Do Good Donuts at 4th (between Ohio and Temple) Saturday May 19th at 10am. Gretchen Swanson and John Salkowski from RPNA will be on hand, as well. There are lots of folks interested per WalkLB’s facebook page, which is the group facilitating this shared walking opportunity. Why? Well to observe and learn. Jane’s Walks are occurring around LB, some stroll others book it! We’ll just have to see what happens in Rose Park South! Come on out!