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Rose Park Community Meeting

Meet Long Beach’s City Clerk Maria Garcia
Rose Park Community Meeting
at The Red Leprechaun 4000 E. Anaheim
January 20th 6:30 to 8:30
The Rose Park Neighborhood Association, at its annual community meeting, Jan 20th, will host Long Beach’s City Clerk Maria Garcia. The City Clerk oversees each election held in the city of Long Beach. Our area of Long Beach has an abysmal voting pattern. Yet we want our voices to be heard. Ms. Garcia will discuss voting issues, registration.
The city of Long Beach, California, will hold elections for city council on April 12, 2016. There are three candidates for the Second District Council seat Lowenthal is vacating. They are Joen Garnica, Jeannine Pearce and Eric Gray.
Only 17% of voters elected the Mayor in 2010. District 2 has only 11% of eligible voters registered. Many races are won by just a few votes. That may be okay if there were lots of people voting. We have three elections we can participate in this year, April, June and November.
All are welcomed to Rose Park’s Annual Community Meeting, held each January 20th at the RedLeprechaun. Get to know your neighbors at this favorite watering hole. The RedL is always fun,
and great for the whole family. The Red Leprechaun is owned and operated by Tracy Ames, along time resident of the Rose Park Neighborhood. The evening begins at 6:30 withintroductions and soup provided (until it runs out) by the Red Leprechaun, you are invited to purchase your drink of choice at this well recognized Irish Pub, and the there will be breadpudding!
All of the current 2nd District candidates have been invited for the meet-and-greetportion. Future candidate forums will be identified for residents as they are scheduled.
When: Wednesday, January 20th 6:30-8:30pm
Where: Red Leprechaun Irish Pub 4000 E. Anaheim