CCC – Thinking Long Term, Tracking on our Trees

CCC Coronado Cooling Center – Tracking on our Trees

Remember those community welcome signs . “We are a Tree City” you’ve seen them all over the US.  Monies from the Port of LB plus our Parks and Recreation sites have transformed the City of LB from asphalt and sand to one of tree-shaded streets. But many know that the drought, especially with extended periods of excessive heat have become a challenge. So, this week’s message from the CCC is that trees are essential to healthy life for humans and living species.

But what to do. You can use grey water from your home to keep small parkway and backyard trees alive during dry spells. And yes! You can water the tree in the parkway in front of your home. And no! the city does not do this.

RPNA has joined with many over as many years to plant trees around our neighborhood. Can’t imagine the 6th Street Bike Boulevard without all those trees that were planted in the past 10 years. So, take a small action and adopt a tree to “keep” or help the neighborhood and join our treekeeper force – just email We’ll be organizing a couple “keeping” days in near future.




City’s Urban Forestry Program