Crime Incident vs Crime Statistic

All who attended the Crime Database Workshop can now tell the difference! Seen here is Commander Herzog fielding questions, the database was presented by Ana Reyes who manages crime data at the East Division LBPD. Both were terrific and informative. We had attendees from other areas, including Whittier! Our Rose Park go-to team for safety reports based on the new database Kenny Shiozaki-Kawamoto and Danielle Dague Potter were on hand to glean best practices and other ideas.

Go to the new crime db  and the video instructions, then check out RPNA’s example.  Ton of appreciation to Brooke Baker, 7th Street Church who provided the space, coffee and welcoming hospitality.

Answer: Crime Incident is derived from the report submitted from the officer. Crime Statistic is derived from a review and categorization process defined by the FBI. Here is the location of Crime Statistics at the LBPD site.