Feeling un-included?

A few minutes and you too can be involved! Here is the on-line survey to help plan for the next 10-15 years for our city’s parks, recreation program and marine department.

Not ready to engage….well plan on spending some quality time at our new and so fabulous city library in downtown – The Billie Jean King Library. There are so many neat things you’ll want to get the annual pass! Oh that’s right – IT’S FREE with expanded hours! A children’s readying boat, a toddler’s studio, adult literacy. Everyone has been thought about. Keep tuned for the opening day in September (21st?!!!)

On the other hand if you are starting to get the ‘engagement bug’ try delving into the 500+ page 2020 City Budget- something for everyone? In fact, there is a way to find out if the city has some money it should be sending back to YOU! NOT! And then let city council know what is important to you and yours. Here is the most recent Budget Oversight Committee Report.