From the offices of the Coronado Cooling Center

The heat can get to us! Your pets are letting you know!

There is the CDC or Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta but here in Rose Park we have the CCC or Coronado Cooling Center. That’s right and you too can make your place a cooling center. There is research that says that after a heat crisis people go back to their routine pattern of energy use. Let’s re-think.

Sitting here with my feet in cool water I can do many things without the AC. Of course, I need a towel to dry off, and remember to pick up the tub of water before someone trips on it. While sitting with my cooling center set-up I can put off, i.e. procrastinate from doing a load of wash or vacuum. But what about you? Are you drinking that glass of water before you start out on your day? Slowing down at intersections, knowing everyone is a bit on edge. Wear that hat, avoid the sun, and ask yourself why are you in a hurry.

Send your cooling center tips to and they will be shared. Good ideas are good ideas.