Had to Reboot – #AlarmYourself2 #IDigFeelingSafe Street Action Reschedule Jan 30th

The amount of rain on our scheduled date would have meant that we  be part of the safety problem if we went out to 10th & Orizaba. So we rescheduled! Please come by Wednesday January 30th between 2pm-5pm near the flashing lights and crosswalk at 10th & Orizaba. We have a ton of partners and funding by Port of LB to hand out flashlights, personal alarms, reflective garb.

Another shout out to CD2 and CD4 that came together to put in this critical safety feature.

And now for those doubters – Kenny Shiozaki-Kawamoto, our very own RP crime db analyzer put together a presentation on ‘hit-and-runs’ in Rose Park. Before you get upset about the ‘runners’ it is those ‘hits’ we are trying to prevent. Check this out! crime db (Hit & Run) 1.23.2019 (v2)