Helping hand awards

Here are photos of just some of this year’s recognition awardees! Thank you to Brooke for organizing space, certificates and event! Thank you Danielle for making this a true mixer! Janna for making hundreds of hand made roses for all our trees. Tracy who brought the tastiest and artful appetizers (her last night at Red Leprechaun 12/29th !) Dawn for having the All Hands on Deck for everyone to see and admire – our Art Wellness program rocks!

This year’s awardees:

Art Romo and Cynthia Chavez, Safe Refuge; Iris Gibbs and Teresa Gomez, Health Department; Samana Budhathoki, Power 4 Youth; Janna Vandenberg, Resident; Linda Reach and Mary Simmons, Cambodian Community and AOC7; Cody Lusby and Eric Copeland, Residents; David Leonard, New Hope Grief Counseling; Cheryl Perry/Sarah Locke/Chris Hogan, LB Heritage; Julia Castenada, St. Matthews; John Kindred and Karen Reside, Gray Panthers; Steve Gerhardt, WalkLB; Chris Robson, Resident; Jan Van Dijs and Kerstin Kansteiner, Friends of Rose Park; Christopher Koontz and Alejandro.Plascencia, LBDS; Ana Maria Rios, LBPD; Sergeant Smigla and Commander O’Dowd, LBPD; Andrew Pilcher, Resident; Adelita Lopez-Santiago and Andrew Lopez, Residents; LBPL Library Outreach Team; Devin Ablard, Karla Estupinian, Randy Hope, Nancy Farber, Council District 2; Cynthia Howell and Sevly Snguon, Long Beach Forward; Dina Berg, Heart of Ida; Zoe Nicholson, Resident; Tim and Carrie Scanlan, LB Skate

It was a lovely evening – so many of our partners, friends of RP and residents came to mix and mingle. Some came for “just a few minutes” only to stay for two hours!!!! All so appreciated – it felt good.

Karen Reside, Gray Panthers!
Janna Vandenberg, RP Resident acknowledged by Brooke Baker!
Cynthia and Art stand with colleague Ty from Safe Refuge!
Zoe Nicholson, LB Suffragists and Devin Ablard, former staff at CD2
Gretchen Swanson thanks Linda Reach, Cambodian Community and Mary Simmons, AOC7 for their deliberate support following the Oct. 29th tragedy!
Cynthia Howell with family receives a Helping Hand award from Danielle for bringing the city’s Community Health Priorities focus group to Rose Park Neighborhood!