Historic Preservation in Rose Park Neighborhood

Historic District Designation is a City Ordinance

Rose Park and Rose Park South are designated as two of Long Beach’s Historic Districts under city ordinance are to be preserved according to a specific historical, cultural and architectural motif.  More information about the city ordinances and guidelines can be found HERE

Remember all changes to the exterior of any building within an historic district requires review, including painting.

A few examples of items covered by city ordinance for historic districts:

  • New construction
  • Additions to existing structures
  • Changes to exterior materials or paint colors
  • Alteration or addition to fencing and patio walls
  • Changes to windows, doors and doorways

Certificate of Appropriateness is required for all exterior changes, even those that do not need building permits, such as repainting. Ordinary maintenance and repair are excluded. The Preservation Officer reviews applications for changes. Minor changes that meet the design guidelines are approved immediately. Major projects and applications that are inconsistent with the design guidelines are scheduled for a Cultural Heritage Commission meeting. Applicants may appeal decisions to the Planning Commission.

Resources: Historical Preservation and Landscape Incentive

City of Long Beach – Historic District Guidelines

Information on the Mill’s Act

Information on Lawn to Garden Program


Historic District Building Plaque

Many of our contributing structures were built in 1919 due to the end of WWI and the allowance of residential building permits, so many of our residents are interested in celebrating and commemorating the 100 years.

To begin you can order a historic district building plaque. You order directly from the company here …

Jeremy A. Wise
Erie Landmark Company
637 Hempfield Hill Road
Columbia, PA 17512
Phone: 1-800-874-7848
Fax: 717-285-3166

You’ll need to identify which historic district the building is in: Rose Park or Rose Park South and you will want to know the year the building was built.

Rose Park_August2017