How was your day?

Being a teen is tough. Although some may report everything is ‘fine’ those of us that have past that obstacle course can still remember days that weren’t. As a neighborhood we just had our annual BIG heART  an event to support our at-risk youth in the neighborhood. It was successful. We will have funds to support art events with youth in the neighborhood.

But it is more than that. It is a commitment to the groups that work with our neighborhood youth. The Luther Burbank School and its after school program and Power 4 Youth for its weekly mentoring. There are programs at our faith based institutions. We’ve facilitated a youth empowerment initiative at our Rose Park each Spring – we are looking for a group to help in this effort (

So “how was your day“? A day can seem endless when you are 15. Is there someone to look forward to sharing your day with? A friend? A grandparent? A mentor? Can you help?