In the days ahead

Now, more than ever, we will be depending on each other. As friends, family and neighbors. In fact, we’ve met many just in the past few days that we have a helping relationship with. Simply put. There is a great deal of information available. RPNA suggests you get health and emergency information directly from the city 570-INFO.

But what can you do? Reach out to those you know, wave and smile to all, and drop a note to someone that may have difficulty getting out and about. We have put together a neighborhood food/delivery assistance for those who don’t have others to assist. All our residents can help somehow – calling or emailing are definitely a great way for us to stay connected.

For those who have an older adult or someone who is limited to their home, Heart of Ida has a free friendly phone message. You can sign up or help someone you know sign up. Contact Heart of Ida at or 562.570.3548 to hear a
sample recording or to sign up today!

Danielle, Tracy and Richard have been our go-to delivery team! We will probably need others in near future please email Danielle is also compiling resources and keeps them at our website. If you have other resources please send us this information.