It’s hard to keep up!

So sit back and walk through the neighborhood. Here are the happenings….

Saturday kicks off Roses for Rose Park Mural – stroll down E6th or Theresa and peek into the alley east of Temple. Thumbs up to the artist volunteers. It is a several day effort – take a selfie!

Then jump in at either the Friday afternoon session at St. Matthews 1-3pm or Wed. Sept 25th at Revive from 7-9m to catch the latest regarding the corner at E7th and Temple.

Not enough? Calendar Cleaner7th our 3-day street action to put all that visit us on notice! The air we breathe needs to be healthy. Preliminary schedule (subject to change)

Oct. 2 Wed Morning: Walk the Walk with Trees and Me bags, Guerilla Art and clean-up at E7th and Temple and Council Member Pearce at the ‘Flower Wall’

Oct. 3 Thursday Morning: Hospitality greeting by CD2 at Transit Stops along E7th with ‘Keep it Parked’ bags. Continued street action with our partners.

Oct. 4 Friday afternoon: We’ll be rounding off with a Tree-keeping action at special places along E7th.

Look for our Fall Meeting soon after that – finalizing date and location!