Life stops

We are desensitized with heartfelt expressions. “Life will go on”. But no. Not exactly. Life as we’ve known it has stopped. What goes on is uncharted.

Do we need to learn more about what happened? Then check in with LBPD [most recent press release]

Do we need to understand how we are feeling? Please give LB Trauma Recovery Center a call – they are prepared to address your concerns – it is free. 562-491-7977 The LB Trauma Recovery Center is right down the street at E7th and Atlantic.

Do we want to be quiet and reflect? Our faith-based communities are here to serve all. And to offer solace.

The opening prayer at Wednesday’s vigil…

God – Tonight we are here as a community who is experiencing immense grief. So many emotions are represented hurt, sadness, guilt, regret, anger, loss. I ask that you be with us as we stand together. I ask that you administer your comfort, peace and healing in a way that only you can do. In our time of questions when there seems to be no answers. Help us to continue to hold out hope and be a community that is resilient. In your name, Amen (Brook Baker, Revive Church)