MEET JOCELYN SANCHEZ, rose park neighborhood’s student intern!

There have been many initiatives and efforts to increase street safety over the years. We have been out on the street collecting input from our neighbors, businesses and community partners about the current street conditions and use of public spaces.

Now comes the time to compile and analyze the data gathered, so that it is shared with our communities and city officials. We want this data to result in action that serves to improve our public spaces and provides ‘people first’ solutions that offers safer streets for our community.

We are thrilled to welcome Jocelyn Sanchez, Rose Park Neighborhood’s student intern. Jocelyn is part of the Long Beach Community Internship program at Cal State Long Beach. Jocelyn is going to help Rose Park Neighborhood Association analyze the data we have received thus far and help us communicate these findings to our residents, businesses and city officials.

We asked Jocelyn to tell us more about herself and why she is excited to intern with Rose Park Neighborhood. Here is what she had to say ..

“I am an international studies and economics major with a minor in Japanese, and I am in my final semester at CSULB. I had the opportunity to study abroad for the 2019-2020 academic year at Tsukuba University in Japan. I loved my time abroad and felt like a genuine member of the community. I joined my city’s cooking club and various other clubs that introduced me to my new friends across the globe.

I traveled across the different islands of Japan, and my time here truly helped shape my newfound importance in being involved with your community. When returning from Japan, I became involved and joined the board of several student-run organizations at CSULB. I currently volunteer as a global ambassador for CSU International Programs and help students realize that studying abroad is within their reach. 

My time in Japan made me aware of how disconnected I was from my local community. I am excited to connect with Long Beach, meet my neighbors, and work together with everyone to improve the place that we all call home.”

We hope you will stop by Rose Park (at 8th and Orizaba Avenue) on a Thursday in September to say hello. We meet every Thursday from 3 to 6pm to engage in conversation, talk about volunteer opportunities with the neighborhood and a different activity takes place at the park every week! Email for more information.